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  Musewerx is an IBM Business Partner. We provide the development skills necessary to migrate proprietary applications to Open Systems.  

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Telecom Services

Musewerx solutions for Telecommunication Services Provider support the distributed application architecture environment on the Telco hosted service infrastructure and a variety of rich client interfaces on the consumer side. We have expertise in development of web services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment and utilization of industry standard interfaces for built-in industry standard Telecom Functions:

  • Multimedia messaging and embedded transactions support on Service Provider environment.
  • Secure Provisioning, Billing, Operations and Monitoring Architecture.
  • Scalable IMS application infrastructure provisioning including SIP and H.323 based networks.
  • Secure back office application development for end-to-end location based (including GPS enabled) application services.
  • Support for industry standard application development and web service technologies.
  • Prototype development for proof-of-concept across network aware services.
  • Testing of Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
  • Development of driver programs for load testing.
  • Customized product development.

Musewerx outsourcing services provides you a strategic way to enhance productivity, control costs and provide a better customer experience. Also visit our Data Management and the Product development for more information.

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